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We are not planning any events for 2013.

Birdsong Hollow Farm

 will not be growing and selling plants for the 2013 spring season.

I thank you for your support and interest in heirloom gardening. As you may know, my family commitments now require my full attention.

Please contact me if I can help you in any way with your gardens.  I am still here and still interested in gardening, but my priorities must change for a while.  I have left the plant listings from 2012 available to help remind you of the varieties you may have liked.

If you want to grow your own plants, I recommend these companies, all of which have signed the Safe Seed pledge and have provided good service to me:

Several of these sites offer lots of free advice, instructional videos, and books and supplies.

Be sure also to check LocalTable.net for area farms, greenhouses, CSAs and food-related events. Our friend Lisa Shively is working hard to connect local growers to local eaters by publishing a beautiful magazine and website!

LocalHarvest.org is a national website that also lists local producers and events.


2012 Plant List (for information only)

2012 Tomatoes

  • Cherry tomatoes-

    Reds: Fox, Red Calabash (tiny red beefsteaks!), Reisentraube, Amy’s Sugar Gem

    Blacks: Black Cherry, Black Plum, Italian Noire (pear-shaped)

    Orange: Amy’s Apricot, Sungold Select II

    Yellow:  Blondkopfchen, Egg Yolk, Fablonelystyni (tiny yellow beefsteaks), Fargo Yellow Pear, Honeydrop, Super Snow White, Tennessee Yellow Cherry

    Currants: Hawaiian (red), Gold Rush (orange), Broad Ripple (yellow)

  • Blacks-Black Brandywine, Black Ethiopian, Black from Tula, Black Giant, Black Krim, Black Prince, Cherokee Purple
  • Reds: Abraham Lincoln, Brandeva (a Brandywine OTV/Eva Purple Ball cross), Brandywine OTV, Delicious, Druzba, Ernie’s Plump, Goldman’s Italian-American, Hazelfield Farm Red, Hungarian-Italian Paste, Marglobe VF, Moskvich, Mule Team, Old Brooks, Opalka, Porter, Rutgers VF, Tappy’s Heritage, Tropic VFN
  • Pinks: Anna Russian, Arkansas Traveler, Cleota Pink, Ella’s Pink Plum, German Johnson, Tidwell German Pink, Ozark Pink, Pruden’s Purple, Royal Hillbilly
  • Orange: Jumbo Jim Orange, Orange Banana, Persimmon, Woodle Orange
  • Yellows and White: Cream Sausage, Great White, Pike County Yellow, Roman Candle, T.C. Jones
  • Bicolor and striped: Green Zebra, Pineapple, Striped Roman

2012 Peppers

  • Sweet peppers-
    Bells: Bullnose, Charleston Belle, Corona, Emerald Giant, Kevin’s Early Orange, Milord, Morgold, Purple Beauty, Ruby Giant (World Beater), Super Sheperd; Pyramid (pointed) bells: Feherozon Frying peppers: Corno di Toro, Cubanelle, Feherozon, Golden Treasure, Jimmy Nardello, Red Marconi, Sweet Banana; Specialty: Doe Hill Golden Bell, Gambo, Italian Pepperoncini, Red Cherry, Red Mini-bell, Sweet Yellow Stuffing Bell, Topepo Rosso
  • Hot Peppers- Aji Dulce, Anaheim, Cayenne ‘Ho Chi Minh’, Cayenne ‘Joe’s Long Red’, Czech Black, Habanero, Hinklehatz, Hot Portugal, Jalapeno ‘Early Jalapeno’, Jalapeno ‘Purple’, Jalapeno ‘TAM’,  Rocotillo, Serrano ‘Tampequeno’, Thai Red Chili, Tobago Sweet Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad

Eggplant 2012

  • Aswad, Diamond, Early Black Egg, Japanese Pickling, Listada de Gandia, Long Purple, Ma-Zu Purple Chinese, Rosita

Okra 2012 

  • Cajun Jewel, Burgundy

Cucumbers 2012

  • Pickling/All-purpose- Arkansas Little Leaf, de Bourbonne, Ellen’s Family White, Lemon, National, Parisian Pickling, Poona Kheera
  • Slicing- Super Zagross, Suyo Long, Telegraph Improved

Squash 2012

  • Summer squash- Early Prolific Straightneck, Early Summer Crookneck, Kamo Kamo, Lemon Squash, Saffron Yellow, Scallop“Benning’s Green Tint” and“Golden Bush”, Tatume; Zucchini“Costata Romanesca”,“Round Green Italian”,“Tender Grey”, and“White Bush Lebanese”
  • Winter Squash-  Expect to see a great variety of acorns, butternuts, delicatas, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, and others, including Sweet Dumplings.

Melons 2012

  • American melons- Look for muskmelons, honeydews and specialty melons in all shades of green and orange!
  • Watermelons- We’ll have several kinds of reds, pinks, orange, yellow and creamy-colored watermelons that you will love!

Basils 2012

  • Eritrean, Fino Verde, Genovese, Lemon“Mrs. Burns”, Lime, Mammoth, Purple Ruffles, Queenette Thai, Red Rubin, Sacred, Serata, Siam Queen, Spicy Globe, Thai Magic

Herbs 2012

  • Anise Hyssop, Ashwaganda, Borage, Calendula, Lemony Catnip, “Bouquet” and “Fernleaf” Dill, Bronze Fennel, Hyssop, Greek Oregano, Parsley (flat-leaf and curly),  Broadleaf Sage, Salad Burnet, Summer and Winter Savory, Silver Sagebrush, Creeping Thyme, Orange Thyme, Summer Thyme, Winter Thyme

Flowers 2012

  • Red Bee Balm, Black-Eyed-Susan, several kinds of Calendula, Celosia‘Flamingo Feather’, Chinese Forget-Me-Not‘Firmament’,  Gloriosa Daisy, Johnny-Jump-Up‘Helen Mount’, Mexican Mint Marigold, Lemon and Tangerine Gem Marigolds, Salvia‘Blue Bedder’,  Shasta Daisy‘Alaska Strain’, Sunflower‘Zebulon’, Sweet William, Verbena‘Purple Top’, Yarrow‘Parker’s Variety’ and others

Early Spring Plants 2012

  • Broccoli- Piracicaba, Nutri-bud, and De Cicco
  • Cabbage- Copenhagen Market, Cour de Bue, Henderson’s Charleston Wakefield, Golden Acre, Red Acre, Early Flat Dutch
  • Lettuce-Bibbs, Romaines, Batavians, red and green‘leaf’ and looseleaf varieties
  • Kale-‘Beedy’s Camden’, Toscano/Lacinato, and Rainbow Lacinato

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